Fish Or Man

Friday, November 25, 2005

Jail Break Last Night Not Far Away

I would figure this would be making national news... if you missed it, Yakima Jail Break:
Early reports indicate that the inmates escaped through the ceiling of a cell on the 4th floor and gained access to the roof. Several inmates involved in the escape fashioned bed sheets to make a rope to hang out over the side of the building and drop down to the adjacent Annex (another housing unit) which is only 1 story high. From there, the inmates jumped off the roof to the sidewalk below.

They caught some of them, but one excapee still on the run was in for MURDER, (glad to see this was a MAXIMUM security prison).

Message to those four still on the run:

I am currently standing directly between you and the Canadian border... if you wanna get there, it would be wise to attempt to do so peacefully... (and citizens farther north of me are even more likely to be armed, {including our released felons!}). Or better yet... Head West, Young Man, Head West! Your odds of finding a disarmed victim improve the closer to Seattle you get.

Back to my still imprisoned readers:

Are you currently protecting yourself and loved ones with maximum security? Or are you counting on the minimum false security police provide? Maybe you are just playing the odds*?

* Gamblers play worse odds.
If you're a white, nonhispanic, California female 35-49 years old, living in a metropolitan area like 97% of Californians do, and your household has a little over the average annual income, your chance of being the victim of murder, rape or other violent crime during any year is only about 11 in a thousand (1.1%) based on data from the 1995 FBI Uniform Crime Report and the US Department of Justice National Crime Victimization Survey. Of a hundred people like you in your neighborhood, ma'am, only about 1 of you will be a victim of violent crime in the course of this year, but about 11 of you will over a 10 year period. And a fifth of you will over a 20 year period.