Fish Or Man

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

...oh... and it's my birthday!

Recent thoughts:

Tacoma Mall shooting... 20 year old goes into a mall with AK style rifle and starts firing and only ONE person draws down on this scumbag... ONE FREAKING PERSON!!! Sadly that one person was taken out and is fighting for his life. A simple solution could have ended this... a higher percentaged of citizens being armed... What's the focus of media, (and police)? How he purchased his "assault weapon"? Turns out from a little nickel ad... ohhhhh the horror. I've yet to see the story or hear officer (not-so-gun) friendly explain how this could have ended with much less blood shed with a politely armed society.

So, is anyone else stupified by the fact that in a "Concealed Pistol License FRIENDLY state" like Washington, there still aren't enough packing to stop one scumbag with $300 and some time to KILL? When it comes to self-defense this state, heck... this country might as well already be disarmed. Think about it... we can't stop one shooter, (with poor aim), even in a place STILL legal to carry with that CPL permission slip! What if there were half a dozen terrorists in that mall going dressing room to dressing room killing all those good defenseless citizens trying to cover their heads in the sand?

Final Note:

You alone are not enough! TEACH MORE OF THOSE YOU HANG OUT WITH TO SHOOT AND WORK AT THEM UNTIL THEY ARE COMFORTABLE ENOUGH TO CARRY EVERYWHERE, (INCLUDING THE MALL)! Likely once they become comfortable around firearms and are giving some facts, they won't want to leave their means of self-defense behind. Just speak plainly to them... this issue is simple enough for most folks to easily see through the smoke screen our media and government are putting up as the answer: MORE gun CONTROL.

And just because you are packing DOESN'T MEAN YOUR SPOUSE SHOULDN'T BE AS WELL! Its not just the police that need backup! Lord knows, Brendan McKown could have used some in Tacoma... and Mark Wilson in Texas too.

You deserve backup too, now go out there and GET SOME!