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Monday, November 28, 2005

Felons With Firearms???

Another story from Washington state, this one titled, "Felon kills one, shoots another 12 hours after posting bail"

Of course, that can't be an accurate title because, FELONS CAN'T BEAR ARMS. Well, not quite true again. That law is just MORE gun CONTROL feel-good failure. Felons can bear arms. (It actually says so in the Constitution, but no one cares about that anymore). And felons do regularly bear arms just as long as they can get away with it, (which the odds are with them doing it for quite sometime). To prove I am correct, please ask yourself why this story even makes news; Was it the absolute shock that a felon could have a gun and shoot someone? Or was it that he did it so soon after getting out of jail?

But the story only gets worse:
"Less than 12 hours after being freed on bail following a domestic complaint, a man allegedly killed his estranged girlfriend, wounded her father and then committed suicide, authorities said.


Twice in the past week Delisio had appealed for help in avoiding Case, whose record included felony convictions for harassment and second-degree assault, Gig Harbor Police Chief Michael Davis said Sunday.

"Our officers are devastated about what took place," Davis said. "You try to do everything conceivable to protect, but sometimes it's just not possible."

Everything conceivable was?

"Police warned Delisio and sent an officer to the bar to make sure that when Case picked up his car there he drove off in the direction away from her father's home, Davis said."

Did that warning include "arm yourselves because we can't do a darn thing to protect you"? Maybe this story needs to be titled "WAITING PERIOD KILLS AGAIN". If this lady had applied for the legal permission to buy a handgun and still more permission to be allowed to carry concealed, even the moment this FELON posted bail, they would be sending her gun and concealed pistol license to:

Teresa Marie Delisio
C/O Gig Harbor Cemetery
22 Ave NW
Gig Harbor, WA 99335

Final Notes:

Somehow, I think this judge wouldn't have let him out on bail if he had been threatening a member of the elite. And if telling someone to drive off in the other direction is "everything conceivable to protect", I sure do hope the Governor of King County doesn't visit Gig Harbor anytime soon.