Fish Or Man

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Did Another "Yellow Canary" Die Today?

From AP wire:

Police shot a man after he crashed a truck into a downtown courthouse early Saturday, ending a pursuit that began when he allegedly set fire to several squad cars in a nearby town and shot at an officer who chased him.
"We have a few indications of what might have motivated him," said Marion County District Attorney Walt Beglau. He declined to elaborate.

Just a guess, but I'd say some of your deputies violated this man's rights. You know that whole Constitution, (what you all swore NOT to violate). And since he also attacked the Courthouse, I'm guessing they also took an officer's word over any of us "civilians".

Yeah, yeah, I know. "Police are just doing their jobs." Tell me that when they are dragging you out of your house so a hotel can be built on your land through eminent domain. Yet another ruling code enforcement officers are required to play along with if they want to stay in the power game. No wonder their sucide rate is so high.

If the story turns out to be some mass murderer trying to run, I take everything back. Neither the police nor the courts would allow the violation of the Constitution. Police are outstanding members of society just doing their jobs. It's what our elected politicians told them to do, anyway. Besides, the courts would never allow police to violate the Constitution, (nevermind how blatantly Unconstitutional some actions are). Keep up the good work.

UPDATE: Yes, I know he didn't actually die. It also sounds like his beef was mostly his life falling apart... which apears to have made him inclined to push the reset button too early. Or not early enough?