Fish Or Man

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Vacation Over

Well, it wasn't a vacation, but I did "get" to travel. This is the first time I've been home for more then 2 days in well over a month. Internet access has been limited and work days long, (getting up at 5:30 feels like sleeping in).

$700 bones were dropped on the transcript of court proceeding in the appeal of the Ellensburg case "warranting alarm for the safety of others" for open carrying a handgun. Court date bumped up to Dec. 5th.

Was behind the times in finding out the gun guy moved to The Nation of Riflemen.

Found out about this news story fairly quickly, (I think). Have only seen info on it at The View From North Central Idaho.
"Clocked at 95 MPH in the 65 MPH zone, the convoy of about a dozen vehicles was asked to pull over by Augusta County, Virginia Sheriff's Deputy Michael Roane. Six of the New Jersey police sped away without stopping."

"In what was described as an initially hostile stop, Roane politely asked the New Jersey officers to turn off their lights and slow down. The Passaic officers claimed that returning from helping with Hurricane Katrina rescue duties gave them the right to speed."