Fish Or Man

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Shaun Kranish

The founder of ICARRY.ORG arrested for disorderly conduct. Concealed Carry, Inc looks to have covered it first with comments and discussion on topic at

Basically charged with disorderly conduct for having the letters "" on a jacket and wearing a leg strap fanny pack/possible holster, (empty though it was). Having experienced similiar treatment recently with "our armed protectors" I left the remaining of this post in comments at both locations:

"His civil rights were violated and these people need to be dealt with in court."

Sadly, the courts won't do much of anything to deal with these tyrants... you see the courts are full of them too, and they WILL protect their own.

I found out in a very similiar manner in Ellensburg, WA.

Shaun, save your money... if the gun rights community doesn't stand up in a big way for your defense, take the plea, (if it leaves your record clean), and fight another day.

Our government, (justice and executive branches specifically), will not allow the kind of changes that need to take place for individual liberties to even be acknowledged. It's become a socialists wet dream that they will fight to YOUR death to keep.

True freedom was so long ago, 99 percent of us don't know what we have lost, (because it was stolen from us before our birth).

By no means am I saying give up the fight! But two piece of crap tyrants, (who will no doubt be protected by 50 more in a system designed by them), aren't worth anymore then the cost of "tar and feathers".

The fight you have is with the mindset of your fellow citizens. Those protecting this system have already decided to be willfully destructive of the rights of the "civilians".

Either way, I'll be following your story and wish you the best. My story looks to be leading to the court of appeals, since the superior court judge is still doing his best to protect this system.