Fish Or Man

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Alphecca Likes Fish Sticks

PETA does NOT: (caution: PDF file. Just go to Alphecca for full html story)

...Your daddy waits until hungry little fish are tricked by what looks like a tasty lunch. Once they bite down and the sharp hook rips through their lips, your big, strong daddy yanks them out of the water and takes them away from their friends forever!


...So after your daddy yanks them out of the water, the poor little fish flop around gasping for air. They are scared and in pain as they slowly die of suffocation.

Much like those dogs and cats must have felt like in the back of your PETA van.

Anyway, thanks Alphecca. Using this post on fish I reach my once a month required "fish post" to keep my blog title honest, "Fish Or Man"

(sidenote: had fish sticks for dinner tonight)