Fish Or Man

Friday, July 22, 2005

Where Is Fish Or Man?

Ok, the large hole between posts can almost be explained. The last two "jobs" I have had have taken me to some very remote spots, (yes, the current one even being a Grizzly release area).

I don't enjoy commuting when the job is ten minutes, let alone several hours, so I stay the night. This requires very, very cold bathing...

...and no internet, phone service, electricity, ect.

Sounds like I didn't miss too much being up there, heatwaves across the states, and more bombings.

It is warm enough for the huckleberries to ripen up nicely, so evenings are being spent hunting bear... errr, that is berries.

Bear sign.

You can tell it wasn't a big Grizzly because only small logs were being rolled over. :)