Fish Or Man

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Weekend Flew By

It really did fly... well, the wife did anyway... flew to Texas, that is.

She took her poster and will be answering question for anyone interested tomorrow at...

Oops, nevermind this is a gun blog.

Ok, so I did get a chance to blow off a shoulder... that is a few shots last week while in the woods with a Savage Model 10, 7mm-08 REM.

Not sure what to say about it. It is darn close to the wife's .308 Howa. The rifle is more then capable of meeting its intended purpose for the owner, (backyard deck defending the livestock).

Although, the 2.5X Leupold scope is not nearly enough for what the rifle is truly capable of. Plus, knowing this weapons intended purpose, I would have gone with Kim du Toit, and leave it with open sights. As it is already equipped with a Williams rear peep sight, that would have worked nicely, (especially in low light conditions which is certainly a possiblity for it's intended use).

Maybe I will pop the scope off and give it a try... (My shoulder has healed from the previous outing so why not?) Did I mention a thicker butt pad? The Butler Creek sling does rock though.

Have a good week! I'm headed back to the woods, the wife will be flying back Wednesday night.