Fish Or Man

Sunday, July 24, 2005

After This Story

After this story I need to go stay in the woods, (for good).

Titles I've seen given to the story: "Student's shooting brings pain to community" and "A 'Community Tragedy' Deepens"

Yes, what a tragedy... a tragedy that the story is being read and repeated around the nation. Here is the quote that tells the story,
"No one blames anyone in this... We are all caught in this matrix created by too many handguns."
Sniff, sniff.

The real story: A black woman, described as "African American Ivy League scholarship recipient who was on a strong social mission to change the world," runs into some guys at 1 am that call her group of girlfriend "bitches", (or some other such name). The men axes da'm biiitchs to party. She takes offense to that and calls up some of her gangbanger wannabe homey friends who drive on over and do a drive by shooting for her, (to scare off the group of rude homeys). A bullet hits our heroin, ("strong social mission... blah, blah"), and she's dead.

Sniff, sniff.

I'm outta here to go commune with PEACEFUL wildlife, biting flies, Grizzly bears, bees, and Cougars.