Fish Or Man

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

This Might Make It Easier

I've found many interesting and insightful posts at Kim Du Toit's blog. I have wanted to recommended him to family/friends as a daily read for quite sometime, but I usually don't. Or I add a disclaimer when I do, warning that he can use some fairly foul language.

That said, his daily coveraged of wide ranging issues is very addicting. And his regular rantings on a citizen's right to bear arms can keep those who only watch the nightly news out of the liberal gun fearing wussy camp, (and do so in a very entertaining way).

So, it pleases me greatly to see that he has decided to tone things down. Seeing that, I now recommend stopping over at Kim's site to stay entertained, informed, and eventually a gun toting member of the Nation Of Rifleman.