Fish Or Man

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Need More Gun

Here is another case of armed self-defense, without which, Lamoyne Wahl, of Loomis, WA would probably be dead right now, (via NCBI):
"...the bear caught him and grabbed his leg, which knocked him to the ground splitting open his forehead. He said he had the gun reloaded by that time, but the bear had a hold of his leg and he couldn’t get it swung around. That is when he sicked the dog, Shaggy on the bear. He said the bear only let go for a split second, but it was long enough for him to get the barrel of the gun around and he shot it in the neck, killing it."

This happened about 20 miles from Iron Gate Trailhead, where I was hiking and camping last weekend with customers, (one of which is pictured in the this post atop Windy Peak). And yes, I was packing while we were out there, (but from the size of that bear, I'm not sure I brought enough gun).

This area is known for wild animals stalking or attacking humans. I have it on good authority that a cougar was killed last fall near Loomis as well.