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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Don't Worry Its Only ONE Bad Cop

(Via Chicago Sun Times)
"Prosecutors say Larry Hargrove, 60, was part of a four-man crew that ordered dealers to turn over drugs and cash during raids on apartments, hotel rooms, homes and vehicles. In some instances, the crew drew up fake warrants, signing them with the names of fake judges. The incidents happened from 1993 to 1999, the year Hargrove retired as a cop."

Crap, I thought "The Shield" was just a television show. And sorry about that, but it appears to have been TWO bad cops, (don't worry, it was probably the only two):
Two members of the robbery crew were not cops -- although one was a civilian mechanic for the Chicago Police Department. They pleaded guilty and testified at Hargrove's trial. The fourth suspect, former Chicago Police Sgt. Eddie C. Hicks, 54, fled prosecution and has been a fugitive since 2003.

Only two armed thugs with badges, that's not that bad. (Oh, wait. All Chicago police enforce laws attempting to remove the right to bear arms. This makes them all a bunch of thugs that deserve nothing but removal for their attempts to take away a basic human right).