Fish Or Man

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Reading This Made My Eyes Misty

I happened to take a picture at Boomershoot 2005 which showed a shooter just after hitting a boomer. I got his email address and sent the picture to him. This is the reply I got;
Thanks for the picture! I am really glad you left out my cast. You were wondering if you caught the explosion in one of the pictures. Well, you can just see it going off. Great Shot! I enjoyed the Blog links, too.

I can show these to my mother (at 86, she does not need to know about my broken leg). She used to enjoy shooting and still does when I get back there.

It was a great weekend. Maybe we will meet again next year.

It is the little things that matter most. Or as that country song says, "That's the good stuff." Sniff, sniff.

Now everyone, please go take your mom shooting soon. She won't be 86 forever!