Fish Or Man

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Boomershoot 2005

Sierra, (Mrs FishOrMan), and Joe working on making reactive targets on Saturday.

Getting the reactive targets properly packaged.

Jason and Joe checking the "recipe"

Shooters preparing during the rifle clinic

Taking pointers from our military experts during the rifle clinic

Spotter seen guiding the shooter into the targets, distance 375 yards!

Minutes of angle, favor right, hold center... all code words meaning 'FREEDOM'

The final touches for the reactive targets are being completed Saturday afternoon.

Saturday evening dinner, awards and speech

Sunday morning, Welcome shooters!

Boomershoot 2005 has begun

Let the BOOMING begin!

The weather was fantastic!

Great weather for Boomershoot? Yeah, right... when bowling balls fly, (and anvils too).

Sierra finding her boomer. (THANKS JOE!)

The Evening Magazine newsreporter also received a quick clinic from Joe, (and a very large BOOM on the first shot). Good job, Joe!

You KNOW you hit it, when it BLOWS UP!

One Shot, One Boom

And for this beautiful lady it was two shots, two booms. (That's right, TWO in a row at 375 yards!) AWESOME!

Open sight challenge

And pistol insanity...

The end to an awesome day, Boomer hunting! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and dirt in your teeth!

Need I say more?

This may prove to be the most important "shot" of Boomershoot 2005. Another use for your homeland defense gun receives favorable media coverage, (and you thought Joe was just in it for the money).

Thanks for making it happen Joe!