Fish Or Man

Thursday, April 28, 2005

You Won't See This One On C.O.P.S.

What would you think if the tow truck company called you tonight and said, "What would you like us to do with your son's car?" "HUH?" "It appears it was in a major accident." "What? Where's my son?" "We don't know. Sheriff's dept. had us tow it from the scene."

"The parents of a teenager killed in a car crash found their son's body 13 hours after authorities towed away the car and left the scene."

Rick and Jeannette Walsh said they followed a trail of their son's belongings and found the body in brush less than 15 feet from the crash site.

Well, I had my new shoes on... I certainly wasn't going to go into the brush.

He had been thrown through the car's window, authorities said.

Now, what could have possibly put that hole there?

I've heard police have become pretty casual about car accidents. They happen so often, it's hard to put any emotion into it. I understand the feelings. I was a caregiver for Alzheimer's patients for almost three years. I may not have had a tremendous amount of caring, day in and day out, but I damn well showed up and did my job.