Fish Or Man

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Watch Out David

I posted on David Creveling a couple days ago. He is attempting to sue Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife for the taking of fish from his irrigation canal while agents were trespassing on his property. He has found a Supreme Court decision stating all non-navigatable waters, and their contents, belong to the property owners. If that ruling stands, WDFW is going to have a very large monkey wrench thrown in their desires to control the citizen's by controlling the water, (once again, for those poor little fish).

His lawsuit is moving forward and someone at Wa. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife appears interested. From my stats today I found this:

(Washington State Department Of Fish And Wildlife)
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April 28th 2005 04:53:33 PM
Referring Link: Google search for "david creveling"

Thanks for stopping by WDFW. By the way, did you enjoy your fishing trip?