Fish Or Man

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Virginia StandOff

The way the AP has written up this story avoids any resemblence of a timeline. I think what happened just before this standoff began matters. The AP version tells us in the last paragraph, (which is the first paragraph to get cut when newspapers need to save space.)
"Lewis Barber filed a motion Tuesday..."

But first, lets go back to Friday, when Robin Barber filed a protection order against her husband, Lewis Barber, claiming he had a drinking problem and guns and was worried for her safety. Then on Saturday, Robin moves out taking their son with her, (Does that mean she spent Friday night with him? What about her safety?).

Anyway, Lewis Barber is alone for the rest of the weekend, no incident. He was likely preparing for court which he did file a motion on Tuesday with the courts, (what the motion is the story doesn't tell us; An attempt to get his son back? Clear his name?). His motion claimed his firearms were all Civil War or Revolutionary War re-enactment pieces and he rebutted his wife's statement of having a drinking problem.

Well, after filing that motion he decidely gave up. If he knew anything about our courts, he knew his chances of having anything left after the coming divorce was nada. (Ask Acidman how the courts treat fathers). The wife claiming she was scared of him, he has a drinking problem and GUNS, (which is a sure sign of a mental deficiency right there). Whatever he was feeling about his chances in court, he snapped.

So, only a few hours after seeking redress in court, he had taken his son back from his wife at gunpoint and went back to his house. There begins the twenty hour standoff, ending with Lewis stepping out on his house, gun in hand and police promptly killing him... which they should have. Oddly though, police are usually quick to announce, "a black, fully loaded, semi-auto, blah, blah, blah", which they didn't. Makes me wonder if it was just a re-enactment piece.

I don't know what this man was guilty of, and now no one else will either, except of course, his wife. Even if the courts had made final rulings in the matter, being a father you can be sure he would have still been destroyed.

I'm truely saddened for the little 9 year old boy. I was only slightly older then that when my parents went through a very nasty divorce. The only thing it left me with is knowing what I didn't want.

I have also had recent dealing with our justice system and I can tell you... when you walk away, knowing justice was not done, it begs the question, where can we turn next?