Fish Or Man

Friday, April 01, 2005

Springfield, USA?

Selling rap CD, which incites violence, off the streets, hmmmm... maybe police could get him on tax evasion? Operating business without a license???

Enjoyable quote, first place winner the rapper, GRITS, saying,
Mayor Knopp won't stop till I'm iced in a box. Give me a job so I won't spend my life selling these rocks."

Come now GRITS, u makin' C notes skippin' that hip hop. Admit it, G, it isn't about the money.

And our runner up for most enjoyable quote, comes from
Police Chief Harry Rilling saying,
Some of my officers in the department are very much in tune with the rap genre and have spent hours listening to this."

Yeah, yeah... countless hours, countless hours. Well, keep up the good work... but, since evidence of tax evasion appears already present, why don't you call in the Feds to help listen to that tape?