Fish Or Man

Friday, April 15, 2005

Protectors Of Who?

Once again we find our armed protectors switching sides and playing the part of goblins.

"A panel has recommended disciplinary action against 13 members of the Milwaukee Police Department in the beating of a black man last fall outside the home of a white officer..."

"...the department's Professional Performance Division recommended 79 charges against the 13."

"...Three officers already face felony criminal charges in the beating of Frank Jude Jr..."

"...Jude spent several days in the hospital after the beating, which took place after he arrived with a black friend and two white women at the home of a white member of the police force. A group accused Jude and his friends of stealing a badge, then punched and kicked Jude, removed his pants and stuck a pen in his ears as they hurled racial slurs, according to authorities."

As per usual, this gang of thugs with badges stuck together,
"Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann, who charged the three officers Feb. 28, had said his investigation was delayed by a lack of cooperation among some officers."
"Some" officers??? Sounds like that should be "most" officers. I count up 16 from this incident that had something to hide. No doubt, doing that hiding behind union reps, lawyers and while on paid leave.

Solution? To protect his life, the man these thugs were beating on should have been armed. And since there were so many beating on him, (who were also likely armed), he would have needed to be extremely well armed. Possibly the only weapon which could have stopped this gang of thugs would be a fully automatic firearm. As the system is now, this gang lost three of their own due to felony charges, yet the rest continue to "protect" the streets of
Milwaukee with gun and badge. To the captives living in Milwaukee, Good Luck!