Fish Or Man

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The One That Got Away

Oh boy am I in trouble! He's back! Cougar Spotted In Omak, not once, but twice. (Maybe two of them?)
Schreckengast is recommending that citizens take additional precautions especially in the West Omak area on Mount Vu and Granite.

What additional precautions would you like us to take their chief? Would you recommend a cell phone or a gun?

Mount Vu and Granite is very, very close to my mom's house. If I imagine correctly, this cougar is coming right out of a little canyon which starts maybe 150 yards from her house. I use to play in that canyon. Lots of fun bike trails and sand piles and... places to hide.

Someone might well be killed by this cougar, and if not this one, then his partner. Yes, they are known to travel in pairs. A death wouldn't even faze the Seattle voters, who are still repeating, "their just big KITTY cats." And soon they will be saying, "serves you right for choosing to live outside a population corridor."

Even if we could, it's too late to vote this problem away. Start bearing arms now. Now more then ever. Here kitty, kitty, kitty. GET SOME!