Fish Or Man

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Just Perfect

Nevermind this nonsense of right to bear arms in self-defense. These school shooting are turning out just the way we like it. Unarmed school guard shot and killed.
"Within seconds, he was approached by security guard Derrick Brun, and Weise shot Brun just inside the entrance to the school," Tabman said.

Evidence shows "the danger presented by Mr. Weise was readily apparent, and that Mr. Brun attempted without hesitation to confront that danger, thereby placing his duty to the safety of the school and its occupants above his own personal safety," Heffelfinger said.

Hero? Sure. Stupid hero? Sadly. Taking a security uniform to a shotgun/handgun fight? Bad choice.

It gets worse, (or better, depending on how far your head is buried in the sand). Not only did the unarmed guard die just as plan, but everything else worked perfectly too.
Heffelfinger praised Brun for trying to intervene, and said the school's security plan - which called for classroom doors to be locked if there was an attack - saved lives.

"As Jeff Weise walked down the hallways of the Red Lake High School four weeks ago, he repeatedly tried to open classroom doors, only to find that those doors had been locked," Heffelfinger said. "The immediate action of Red Lake staff and teachers to lock the doors, to herd the students into safe rooms, and to evacuate the students when the school became (safe), undoubtedly saved lives."

Saved lives? So, how many deaths short of Columbine were there at Red Lake? Seven, (not including the grandparents), against Columbine's twelve! Wow! That's fanatastic! Everything worked perfectly.

UPDATE: Via War On Guns we find that even the NRA agrees 7 deaths is an acceptable number.