Fish Or Man

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hanoi Jane Spit On

Yeah, I know you already know about Michael Smith spitting on Jane Fonda. Ravenwood covered it here.

But, reader Hank's comments at Ravenwood should also be known;

Kudos to Mike Smith! I'm a disabled Vietnam Veteran, I work a 6-buck an hour job at age 58, and I'm not famous, so if I ever did what Hanoi Jane did, I would have been locked up so fast that my Purple Heart and CIB would have flown off my shirt! Yes, Mike DID do what a lot of Vietnam Vets would like to have done, and for those who think that I have "issues," you're damn right I have issues, but telling me to "get over it" doesn't work that easily. There are a few images from that era that stay with me - JFK's trip to Dalls; General Loam executing the VC in the street; RFK bleeding on the floor in the kitchen; the monk who set fire to himself; Doctor King and the motel balcony; and, of course, Hanoi Jane sitting in the seat of an NVA anti-aircraft gun, smiling, just as happy as if she had common sense! That "photo opportunity" did more harm for the average GI in-country than any amount of bushwah that Hanoi Hannah handed out, and she is STILL too dumb to understand that. Oh, she "apologized" for that picture? That makes all the difference in the world to the guys on The Wall, and to their families and it "makes it all better" for the Vietnam Veterans who are alive today with their memories and the myriad problems they carry daily. Jane Fonda? What the hell does she really care? She has it made, and she can write off the cost of cleaning her blouse. And she thinks that because she apologized in her book that she can literally "write" off the cost of her action in North Vietnam... no way, Hanoi Jane - you don't get my respect, you don't get me to accept your piss-poor apology - it don't wash. You wanted to make a statement, and you sure did. Payback is supposed to be a mother... all I can say is what goes around comes around... tobacco spit? "...don't mean nothin'..." Peace...Hank

Ravenwood has some excellent readers!