Fish Or Man

Friday, April 01, 2005

Ellensburg Info

I would like to get things back to normal around here, (as in repost my archives). Until that time, I direct you to the little known Tempestuous Fish website that has some details of Ellensburg, and some of what we went through during the Spokane BS gun and reckless driving charge. Everything is on the main page, (you might want to start at the bottom).

Pretrial in Ellensburg is set for April 7th. Trial is set for May 6th, but that may change because some discovery is being delayed. The "game" is played by their rules, which they don't seem inclined to follow.

Whatever... because I don't have a lawyer for the Ellensburg charge, their delays aren't costing me anything, (plus, I can't be blackmailed into taking a plea deal).