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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Watch Out David

I posted on David Creveling a couple days ago. He is attempting to sue Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife for the taking of fish from his irrigation canal while agents were trespassing on his property. He has found a Supreme Court decision stating all non-navigatable waters, and their contents, belong to the property owners. If that ruling stands, WDFW is going to have a very large monkey wrench thrown in their desires to control the citizen's by controlling the water, (once again, for those poor little fish).

His lawsuit is moving forward and someone at Wa. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife appears interested. From my stats today I found this:

(Washington State Department Of Fish And Wildlife)
Washington, Olympia, United States, 0 returning visits

Date Time WebPage
April 28th 2005 04:53:33 PM
Referring Link: Google search for "david creveling"

Thanks for stopping by WDFW. By the way, did you enjoy your fishing trip?


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I Don't Care...Don't You?

How many people have passed through your life and you never bothered to show them you cared? Likely there are hundreds maybe even thousands. Doing something as simple as saying hello might make a difference you never imagined would. Make eye contact, share a smile, wave, send an email, or make a phone call. Please, do something.

WSU sits on a hillside. I enjoy walking there to take my wife a latte, or lunch or maybe just bring her something forgotten at home. The campus departments appear scattered across this hillside. The "campus sprawl" and steep hillside has helped many a freshmen avoid the "freshmen20". During this walk, I am generally surrounded by students and staff scurrying about.

While walking I attempt eye contact with everyone. A difficult task in itself. There are those constantly checking messages on their cell phones, (too important to acknowledge other's existence). Then there are those that stare at the ground, (sunlight rarely lighting their face). There are the young manhood head noods of today, (it's much less a nood down in polite respect, but more of a tilt up, "as if"). Throw in a few old professors, eyes locked straight ahead, never lowering their guards, (the youth today might see weakness and pounce). Though rare, there are even a few that initiate eye contact.

Do I consider it a study on the behavior of rats? Not hardly. I genuinely care.

Not long ago, a sign on the side of a van full of seniors said, "reunion tours." From the look of their ages, it could have been the 40-year reunion. I noticed more elderly walking around and realized every single one was attempting to be acknowledge in a sea of cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, and notebooks. I wanted to scream, THIS WILL BE YOU SOON ENOUGH. SAY HELLO! HOW HAS IT BEEN? GLAD TO SEE YOU'VE COME BACK! LOOK AT THEM! JUST DON'T IGNORE THEM. The walk was likely this old man's last walk on campus, this woman's last look at what she had enjoyed years ago. (Some had caregivers or family members beside them to help them around). The students ignored them the same way they ignore each other.

As I was heading down the hill away from the mall, an old man with a helper was struggling to get up the hill back to the tour van. He raised his head enough to see if I would acknowledge his existence. I did. He suddenly walked taller adding a friendly smile to his worn features. As I passed him I asked how he was doing. He said fine and asked the same of me.

I would like to think I was the last person he saw before leaving campus. Sadly, he was likely ignored by hundreds maybe even thousands before he left.

This post was inspired aftering reading Dave's blog and finding"for cait"

Virginia StandOff

The way the AP has written up this story avoids any resemblence of a timeline. I think what happened just before this standoff began matters. The AP version tells us in the last paragraph, (which is the first paragraph to get cut when newspapers need to save space.)
"Lewis Barber filed a motion Tuesday..."

But first, lets go back to Friday, when Robin Barber filed a protection order against her husband, Lewis Barber, claiming he had a drinking problem and guns and was worried for her safety. Then on Saturday, Robin moves out taking their son with her, (Does that mean she spent Friday night with him? What about her safety?).

Anyway, Lewis Barber is alone for the rest of the weekend, no incident. He was likely preparing for court which he did file a motion on Tuesday with the courts, (what the motion is the story doesn't tell us; An attempt to get his son back? Clear his name?). His motion claimed his firearms were all Civil War or Revolutionary War re-enactment pieces and he rebutted his wife's statement of having a drinking problem.

Well, after filing that motion he decidely gave up. If he knew anything about our courts, he knew his chances of having anything left after the coming divorce was nada. (Ask Acidman how the courts treat fathers). The wife claiming she was scared of him, he has a drinking problem and GUNS, (which is a sure sign of a mental deficiency right there). Whatever he was feeling about his chances in court, he snapped.

So, only a few hours after seeking redress in court, he had taken his son back from his wife at gunpoint and went back to his house. There begins the twenty hour standoff, ending with Lewis stepping out on his house, gun in hand and police promptly killing him... which they should have. Oddly though, police are usually quick to announce, "a black, fully loaded, semi-auto, blah, blah, blah", which they didn't. Makes me wonder if it was just a re-enactment piece.

I don't know what this man was guilty of, and now no one else will either, except of course, his wife. Even if the courts had made final rulings in the matter, being a father you can be sure he would have still been destroyed.

I'm truely saddened for the little 9 year old boy. I was only slightly older then that when my parents went through a very nasty divorce. The only thing it left me with is knowing what I didn't want.

I have also had recent dealing with our justice system and I can tell you... when you walk away, knowing justice was not done, it begs the question, where can we turn next?

You Won't See This One On C.O.P.S.

What would you think if the tow truck company called you tonight and said, "What would you like us to do with your son's car?" "HUH?" "It appears it was in a major accident." "What? Where's my son?" "We don't know. Sheriff's dept. had us tow it from the scene."

"The parents of a teenager killed in a car crash found their son's body 13 hours after authorities towed away the car and left the scene."

Rick and Jeannette Walsh said they followed a trail of their son's belongings and found the body in brush less than 15 feet from the crash site.

Well, I had my new shoes on... I certainly wasn't going to go into the brush.

He had been thrown through the car's window, authorities said.

Now, what could have possibly put that hole there?

I've heard police have become pretty casual about car accidents. They happen so often, it's hard to put any emotion into it. I understand the feelings. I was a caregiver for Alzheimer's patients for almost three years. I may not have had a tremendous amount of caring, day in and day out, but I damn well showed up and did my job.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The One That Got Away

Oh boy am I in trouble! He's back! Cougar Spotted In Omak, not once, but twice. (Maybe two of them?)
Schreckengast is recommending that citizens take additional precautions especially in the West Omak area on Mount Vu and Granite.

What additional precautions would you like us to take their chief? Would you recommend a cell phone or a gun?

Mount Vu and Granite is very, very close to my mom's house. If I imagine correctly, this cougar is coming right out of a little canyon which starts maybe 150 yards from her house. I use to play in that canyon. Lots of fun bike trails and sand piles and... places to hide.

Someone might well be killed by this cougar, and if not this one, then his partner. Yes, they are known to travel in pairs. A death wouldn't even faze the Seattle voters, who are still repeating, "their just big KITTY cats." And soon they will be saying, "serves you right for choosing to live outside a population corridor."

Even if we could, it's too late to vote this problem away. Start bearing arms now. Now more then ever. Here kitty, kitty, kitty. GET SOME!

In the News

Guns, guns, guns. Via Ravenwood

Thing Of Wax

Via KHouse ENews;
"So how did the phrase "separation of church and state" become a part of our vocabulary? On June 25, 1962 in Engel vs. Vitale the US Supreme Court used the "separation of church and state" argument as its basis for banning prayer in public schools. Their decision marked the turning point in the interpretation of the First Amendment. The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment reads, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." In 1962 the US Supreme Court ignored 170 years of history, legal precedent, and the clear intent of First Amendment, by interpreting that amendment to prohibit religious activities in public settings. The 1962 ruling was the first case in Supreme Court history that did not cite any previous precedents or legal cases in making its decision. Within a year of the court's ruling Bible reading, religious classes, and religious instruction in public schools were also declared unconstitutional."

True to Jefferson's word, the judicial branch was interpreting the Constitution into a thing of wax.

We know the outcome of the first 170 years. Will we survive the next 170?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Straight from Okanogan County, (my home), we find David Creveling. Not surprisingly, this man is from the Methow Valley area too. That is where the state has attempted to set the precedent that the water in your bladder belongs to the state.

These "takings" are being allowed by our courts at no cost to the state, (for the fish you know). Notice in the picture David's irrigation ditch is dry. David attempted to sue the state for these takings, but the state courts wouldn't allow a hearing. He had to beg for his case to be heard through the federal courts. The federal courts have ruled that the state must allow a hearing on lawsuit for this taking of David's property.

My mom attempted to write a story on David's case, but the issue was very confusing at the time. (David was just finding some of the case law on the issue). The Capital Press did a good job with his story. Highlights;
Citing English case law, the U.S. Constitution, mining acts, local custom and a 105-year-old ruling by the Washington State Supreme Court, the cattleman-turned-legal-scholar convinced a federal judge that his is no frivolous case and should go forward.

Creveling is asking for $700 million to pay him for the 125 fish that agents of the Washington State Fish and Wildlife Department took from his farm’s irrigation ditches. In addition to the value of the fish, which he based on various estimates he has seen quoted in news reports, the 37-year-old is asking for damages and other relief up to $2.1 billion.


So when the state sued Creveling for failure to use a fish screen, obtain a hydraulic permit and failure to maintain a fishway, he sued them right back. Instead of addressing the facts, an Okanagon County judge ruled the state couldn’t bring the charges because the statute of limitations had run out. Any violation, the court ruled, should have been brought when the state first became aware of the conditions, several decades ago.

“The state waived its ability to enforce these continuing violations by not giving notice to the Crevelings of any violations during prior contacts,” District Court Judge Christopher Culp ruled. His judgment was supported during an appeal the state made to Superior Court.

Glad I voted for Judge Culp!

Intense, with dark hair graying at the temple, Creveling brings a religious fervor to his legal arguments. With only a high school education (Brewster High School, 1986), he has taught himself how to use the legal system, both for research and filing complaints.

Although he has corresponded with others in the private property rights movement, he’s pursuing the case on his own. Since he never learned to type, he doesn’t have a computer. Instead, he prints his complaints on legal forms in a precise hand.

Wow! Gives me hope in my case. And David is winning too! I hope he gets all the 2.1 billion from the state's illegal activities. And I like his reasoning for 2.1 billion;
Anything less, he said, wouldn’t hurt the state enough.

Monday, April 25, 2005

DUI Arrests, Hidden Lies

Ok, DUI Blog is an interesting stop. Head over and check out the sidebar titled "Library" for a topic that interests you. Just how far will our system go to insure a conviction. This topic is on Breathalzers.
"The results indicated that holding your breath for 30 seconds before exhaling increased the blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) by 15.7%. Hyperventilating for 20 seconds immediately before the analyses of breath, on the other hand, decreased the blood-alcohol level by 10.6%. Keeping the mouth closed for five minutes and using shallow nasal breathing resulted in increasing the BAC by 7.3%, and testing after a slow, 20-second exhalation increased levels by 2%."

This crap gets used as evidence??? And it appears police know it is crap
"Many police officers know this. They also know that if the machine contradicts their judgement that the person they arrested is intoxicated, they won’t look good. So when they tell the arrestee to blow into the machine’s mouthpiece, they’ll yell at him, "Keep breathing! Breathe harder! Harder!" As Professor Hlastala has found, this ensures that the breath captured by the machine will be from the bottom of the lungs, near the alveolar sacs, which will be richest in alcohol. With the higher alcohol concentration, the machine will give a higher -- but inaccurate -- reading."
I was thinking I would end by saying, "I don't drink so I have nothing to worry about". Reading this, anyone of us could have our lives "legally" ruined.
So what kinds of compounds may be on a person’s breath that can cause false BAC readings in a DUI case? In one study of eight men, 69 different compounds containing the methyl group were discovered.

And the Field Sobriety Tests are crap too.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

How Can I Help You?

Just what exactly do you expect the state to do about it?

A meteor shower Sunday night sparked a flurry of frantic phone calls to police departments across New England from people who saw bright lights moving in the sky..."

Via Newsday.

Those must be the same sheeple that reach for a phone when a crack addict breaks down their front door. And just to be honest, I am also not expecting the police to save me from the coming alien invasion.

Hanoi Jane Spit On

Yeah, I know you already know about Michael Smith spitting on Jane Fonda. Ravenwood covered it here.

But, reader Hank's comments at Ravenwood should also be known;

Kudos to Mike Smith! I'm a disabled Vietnam Veteran, I work a 6-buck an hour job at age 58, and I'm not famous, so if I ever did what Hanoi Jane did, I would have been locked up so fast that my Purple Heart and CIB would have flown off my shirt! Yes, Mike DID do what a lot of Vietnam Vets would like to have done, and for those who think that I have "issues," you're damn right I have issues, but telling me to "get over it" doesn't work that easily. There are a few images from that era that stay with me - JFK's trip to Dalls; General Loam executing the VC in the street; RFK bleeding on the floor in the kitchen; the monk who set fire to himself; Doctor King and the motel balcony; and, of course, Hanoi Jane sitting in the seat of an NVA anti-aircraft gun, smiling, just as happy as if she had common sense! That "photo opportunity" did more harm for the average GI in-country than any amount of bushwah that Hanoi Hannah handed out, and she is STILL too dumb to understand that. Oh, she "apologized" for that picture? That makes all the difference in the world to the guys on The Wall, and to their families and it "makes it all better" for the Vietnam Veterans who are alive today with their memories and the myriad problems they carry daily. Jane Fonda? What the hell does she really care? She has it made, and she can write off the cost of cleaning her blouse. And she thinks that because she apologized in her book that she can literally "write" off the cost of her action in North Vietnam... no way, Hanoi Jane - you don't get my respect, you don't get me to accept your piss-poor apology - it don't wash. You wanted to make a statement, and you sure did. Payback is supposed to be a mother... all I can say is what goes around comes around... tobacco spit? "...don't mean nothin'..." Peace...Hank

Ravenwood has some excellent readers!

Western Washington Happenings

Via AK at Random Nuclear Strikes we find Liberals appear to be running the show over there. Memorials for homeless, renaming Port of Olympia, "Peace Port of Thurston County" and more. Those liberals may want to hurry before that silly little stolen election catches up with them.

Augh... reading AKs descriptions of happens in Western Washington makes me need to go shower. Even extreme Eastern Washington doesn't seem far enough away. I think a drive into Idaho today is in order, (possible looking at property).

Opening Up

Joe Huffman has decided to reveal the real reasons behind Boomershoot. THANK YOU, JOE!

He feels, (and so do I), that we have started down a dangerous path with gun control laws. History shows us the progress rate from "reasonable" gun control to gun confiscation to outright genocide is extremely quick. Through defending the Constitution, exercising our rights, and never giving up, we have slowed this pace down. A case could be made that we are winning the war against gun bigots. If we continue to push ahead, now might be the time for large restoration of our gun rights.

Joe also has pictures up of the alternative. Never again.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

I've got a friend, (we'll call him Tom), who refuses to read the fine print. Posted by Hello

If Only

If only the entire gun industry made this their policy as well. How quick it would all end?

Update: Barrett Firearms almost took the entire leap.

Virginia Hasn't Sunk Yet

Virginia Tech's recent action against a student caught carrying a gun to class could draw unwanted attention from groups already angry about firearms restrictions on public college campuses.


But Virginia code is silent on guns and public colleges. And two bills seeking to give college governing boards the authority to regulate firearms on campus died in committee during this year's General Assembly session.

David Briggman, a resident of Keezletown in Rockingham County, has made it his personal mission to challenge state colleges' authority to enact tougher gun restrictions than the state.

Georgers Better Watch Out

Being an off again, on again Where's George? bill tracker, I have been known to go to the bank and get a stack of fresh crisp bills. Usually ones, but many Georgers like to use the Two dollar bill because it gets noticed. So, I'm wondering if this guy is one of those Georgers.
A man trying to pay a fee using $2 bills was arrested, handcuffed and taken to jail after clerks at a Best Buy store questioned the currency's legitimacy and called police."

Police will claim the moron clerks at Best Buy created "probably cause" for the arrest by questioning the currency. Poor guy. I believe being arrested gives him a "criminal history" too?

Ellensburg Situation

Ellensburg court date is on May 6th. Those not knowing what that is about, can jump to the complaint that started it all.

Friday, April 22, 2005

What Are They Teaching Them Now?

Via Gunner at No Quarters. Our public schools at work again. Today's lesson, how to get paid for being a snitch. "For $100, they'll turn their mothers in.”

All Rise

Bruce at mASSBACKWARDS might be on to something.

And keep checking out Bruce at mASSBACKWARDS for the insiders view of the effects of gun control laws in Massachusetts. Also explained in comments by J. as "a constant reminder of just what can happen if you don't watch your own government too carefully."

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Getting Down to the Wire

I'm not talking about the Ellensburg court date, which is May 6th. I'm talking about Palouse's own Boomershoot, April 29th, 30th and May 1st.

Also, the jury trial date might well be pushed back. I made a demanded for discovery in early March. At the April 7th pretrial I raised the issue with the judge in the case. He informed me the prosector would be sending the missing discovery to me, (which she agreed to). As of today, I am still waiting... So, unlike Boomershoot, which comes rain, sleet, snow, possible even shine, the court date may be delayed once again.

I hold out hope that this official sees this city code for what it is, Unconstitutional. Then something causes a brief recall of the oath to uphold that Constitution. Of course, stating that in public and then refusing to enforce this city code on those grounds would be a career killer for lawyer types. But, maybe the delay in discovery is a delibrate attempt to cause a dismissal. Likely? Heck no. Yet, possibly one day the Constitution will mean something to those lawyer types. Sadly, the courts hold all the cards and we have known this since 1819;
"The constitution, on this hypothesis, is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary, which they may twist and shape into any form they please. It should be remembered, as an axiom of eternal truth in politics, that whatever power in any government is independent, is absolute also; in theory only, at first, while the spirit of the people is up, but in practice, as fast as that relaxes. Independence can be trusted nowhere but with the people in mass. They are inherently independent of all but moral law."
~ Thomas Jefferson, letter to Judge Spencer Roane, September 6, 1819

Ending on a good note, especially for Boomershoot fans. predicts the opening day, Friday, April 29th, to be Partly Cloudy with 0% chance of rain! Disclaimer: This is ten days out, which is as far out as they forecast, and likely to change.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Good Question

"If we can agree that education and gain of knowledge sparks enlightenment, and the best interest of tyranny is indeed to keep such enlightenment from the public, what good sense does it make to put in any government's hands the Key to Power, which lies in our educational system?"

Found at The Liberty Papers

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Take a Flying Leap

Again we find millions of dollars spent and with nothing to show for it. No big deal. Happens all the time. The only question is which government agency is it this time? And our winner is... TSA, surprise, surprise. (via The View from North Central Idaho)

Just Perfect

Nevermind this nonsense of right to bear arms in self-defense. These school shooting are turning out just the way we like it. Unarmed school guard shot and killed.
"Within seconds, he was approached by security guard Derrick Brun, and Weise shot Brun just inside the entrance to the school," Tabman said.

Evidence shows "the danger presented by Mr. Weise was readily apparent, and that Mr. Brun attempted without hesitation to confront that danger, thereby placing his duty to the safety of the school and its occupants above his own personal safety," Heffelfinger said.

Hero? Sure. Stupid hero? Sadly. Taking a security uniform to a shotgun/handgun fight? Bad choice.

It gets worse, (or better, depending on how far your head is buried in the sand). Not only did the unarmed guard die just as plan, but everything else worked perfectly too.
Heffelfinger praised Brun for trying to intervene, and said the school's security plan - which called for classroom doors to be locked if there was an attack - saved lives.

"As Jeff Weise walked down the hallways of the Red Lake High School four weeks ago, he repeatedly tried to open classroom doors, only to find that those doors had been locked," Heffelfinger said. "The immediate action of Red Lake staff and teachers to lock the doors, to herd the students into safe rooms, and to evacuate the students when the school became (safe), undoubtedly saved lives."

Saved lives? So, how many deaths short of Columbine were there at Red Lake? Seven, (not including the grandparents), against Columbine's twelve! Wow! That's fanatastic! Everything worked perfectly.

UPDATE: Via War On Guns we find that even the NRA agrees 7 deaths is an acceptable number.

Monday, April 18, 2005

If ever country had a Palouse, there would be no immigration problem. Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Weekend Teaser Posted by Hello

Friday, April 15, 2005

Protectors Of Who?

Once again we find our armed protectors switching sides and playing the part of goblins.

"A panel has recommended disciplinary action against 13 members of the Milwaukee Police Department in the beating of a black man last fall outside the home of a white officer..."

"...the department's Professional Performance Division recommended 79 charges against the 13."

"...Three officers already face felony criminal charges in the beating of Frank Jude Jr..."

"...Jude spent several days in the hospital after the beating, which took place after he arrived with a black friend and two white women at the home of a white member of the police force. A group accused Jude and his friends of stealing a badge, then punched and kicked Jude, removed his pants and stuck a pen in his ears as they hurled racial slurs, according to authorities."

As per usual, this gang of thugs with badges stuck together,
"Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann, who charged the three officers Feb. 28, had said his investigation was delayed by a lack of cooperation among some officers."
"Some" officers??? Sounds like that should be "most" officers. I count up 16 from this incident that had something to hide. No doubt, doing that hiding behind union reps, lawyers and while on paid leave.

Solution? To protect his life, the man these thugs were beating on should have been armed. And since there were so many beating on him, (who were also likely armed), he would have needed to be extremely well armed. Possibly the only weapon which could have stopped this gang of thugs would be a fully automatic firearm. As the system is now, this gang lost three of their own due to felony charges, yet the rest continue to "protect" the streets of
Milwaukee with gun and badge. To the captives living in Milwaukee, Good Luck!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Dear Pop,

This one is for you dad. Click on it. Think on it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

But... He Was Coming Right For Me!

Just because I take off the badge doesn't mean I have to act like one of them, do I?
An off-duty Kennewick police officer is accused of pointing his gun at a Meals on Wheels volunteer in a road rage incident...."

"...The man, who was not identified by police, told investigators he stopped his truck after he looked in his rearview mirror and saw Bonnalie waving his arms as though wanting him to stop. Bonnalie, who had his preschool-age child with him, reportedly stopped behind the man.

The driver reportedly had been helping his sister deliver meals to senior citizens, and thought he may have lost an item from the truck. He told officers he got out of his truck, looked at the meals in the back, then walked back to talk to Bonnalie.

As the man approached, Bonnalie, who was not wearing his uniform, allegedly pointed a loaded handgun at the man's chest..."

Now this appears to be a clear-cut charge under the state law, (worded NEARLY identical as the Ellensburg city code I am currently being charged under), RCW 9.41.290.
"It shall be unlawful for any person to carry, exhibit, display, or draw any firearm... a manner, under circumstances, and at a time and place that either manifests an intent to intimidate another or that warrants alarm for the safety of other persons."

Police have an automatic out under the exception to this law,
"Any person who by virtue of his or her office or public employment is vested by law with a duty to preserve public safety, maintain public order, or to make arrests for offenses, while in the performance of such duty."

There are also exception for self-defense under this STATE law, (plus a few other exception).

The reason I say the State law is NEARLY identical to Ellensburg City code, is because the Ellensburg code doesn't allow ANY exceptions. Which means, any person inside the city limits of Ellensburg drawing their weapon in self-defense is in violation of the city code. Which also means the city code is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and in direct violation of WA State Constitution Section 24, "The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired..."

Yet, the judge already denied my motion for dismissal on these grounds, (a whooping 2 minutes decision, surprise, surprise), so this decision looks to be made on appeal. Also, I can't take the issue to the jury, because they are only to decide questions of fact, not questions of law, (or so the courts would like them to believe.) Jury nullification, anyone?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What Is In Your Closet?

Crazy. Same news, another link here.

(I'm sure there is yet another reason for gun control in that story, but I was too busy looking through my closets to figure it out.)

Good Victim

Being unarmed, he was acting just like serfs are told to act. He did everything right. He paid attention to strange behaviour in his community and reported it to police, (sort of). Good job, Francisco Lopez!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Heading to Ellensburg today. Court tomorrow morning.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Response Times

With the below post about the lady waiting in the closet for police to arrive, I thought I would relay this bit of information again.

Ever wonder about the "average response times" by police to 911 calls? They always quote it when an emergency happens that takes police 30 or 40 minutes to show up to, claiming that amount of time was only a fluke. A quick search on the net and I saw some police departments quoting at under 3 minutes. So, are those just real fast police cars they have? Think again. Just about every city I have been in,(Bellingham, WA being the most blatant), I have heard this happening via police scanner:

When an officer is dispatched to a dog barking call or most any other non-emergency call, they tell the dispatcher, "mark me as arrived." They do this immediately after being dispatched, which either means they were parked directly in front of the location or they are lying. Those five-second response times go along way in bringing the "average response times" down. Police then claim that distorted "average response time" to the public, who in turn, feel better about the police department and relying on 911 for their safety.

Now, of course, if officers don't like the politics of their current Chief of Police they stop doing this, (or find other ways to delay "arriving" at the scene), and the response times go thru the roof. Then the public, hearing how the Chief mismanages officers and has rising response times, elects another Chief/politician. If they get the "average response time" to increase slightly, they might cite that in attempting to acquire more funding.

Not Funny

Want humor, skip to the next post. Otherwise head over to Smallest Minority and hear how counting on 911 for your safety, (instead of a gun), can cost you your life.

Remember, dialing 911 is for fire and ambulance services. Police do not have the responsiblity to show up at your house within 10 minutes or 10 hours! (Neither does fire and ambulance. Although, the fire department doesn't tell you to hide in your closet until they arrive.)

Well, If It Really Wasn't...

Funny. Found at The Red Pill under post titled Editors Wanted;
...Editors that can either publish personal columns or simply post News stories about topics pertaining to the New World Order. Of course there is no pay involved, but the dollar isn't worth anything anyways. To apply email..."

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Unimpeachable Behavior

New evidence reveals courts not correct 100% of the time! Shocking.

Todays news story of an innocent man in jail for 13 years and a discussion started yesterday going on over at Rivrdog seems connected.

It took 13 years for the Federal court of appeals to step in and order a judge to hear evidence to decided if a new trial was warranted. Like Terri, they had not actually decided on a new trial only the possiblity of one. The original evidence used to acquire the conviction was weak at best, yet he might well have been reconvicted with that evidence if it wasn't for a witness stepping forward. From news story;

According to court testimony, Souter and Ringler met at a bar and later attended a party. He said she decided to walk along the highway after she refused to let him drive her home. Souter said he returned to the party.

For years, medical experts disagreed about how Ringler was injured. One said she was probably hit by a vehicle, another said the wound matched the shape of a whiskey bottle found on the road nearby.

In January, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found "sufficient doubt" about Souter's guilt to order a federal judge to determine if he deserved a new trial.

Then a new witness came forward.

The woman, whose name has been sealed by the judge, read about Souter's appeal and recalled that her father's motor home had a broken mirror in 1979 and he had refused to talk about how it was damaged.

If you want to feel better about the system you support which has destroyed yet another innocent life, just tell yourself he was an "asshole" that deserved it.

Friday, April 01, 2005

April 1st, Winner Is...

David Codrea's post concerning a gun accident wins this years award.

After reading his headline, I was sure the accident would involve Dianne's carry piece. I was sooooo wrong.

Go Ahead, Push Harder, We Are Asking For It

Well, between this from Gunner at No Quarters, and this from Matthew at Triggerfinger, I feel safer knowing society is being served and protected by preverts and morons.

Makes me think of an iceberg. An object which can hide 90% of its mass below the surface. Nevermind. Time for another round of "it's for the children." Full Speed Ahead!

Ellensburg Info

I would like to get things back to normal around here, (as in repost my archives). Until that time, I direct you to the little known Tempestuous Fish website that has some details of Ellensburg, and some of what we went through during the Spokane BS gun and reckless driving charge. Everything is on the main page, (you might want to start at the bottom).

Pretrial in Ellensburg is set for April 7th. Trial is set for May 6th, but that may change because some discovery is being delayed. The "game" is played by their rules, which they don't seem inclined to follow.

Whatever... because I don't have a lawyer for the Ellensburg charge, their delays aren't costing me anything, (plus, I can't be blackmailed into taking a plea deal).

Should I feel bad for finding humor in this story?

Or should I instead be mad as hell because GOC isn't headed to the finals?

You eyeballing ME?

Springfield, USA?

Selling rap CD, which incites violence, off the streets, hmmmm... maybe police could get him on tax evasion? Operating business without a license???

Enjoyable quote, first place winner the rapper, GRITS, saying,
Mayor Knopp won't stop till I'm iced in a box. Give me a job so I won't spend my life selling these rocks."

Come now GRITS, u makin' C notes skippin' that hip hop. Admit it, G, it isn't about the money.

And our runner up for most enjoyable quote, comes from
Police Chief Harry Rilling saying,
Some of my officers in the department are very much in tune with the rap genre and have spent hours listening to this."

Yeah, yeah... countless hours, countless hours. Well, keep up the good work... but, since evidence of tax evasion appears already present, why don't you call in the Feds to help listen to that tape?