Fish Or Man

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


This picture was taken during the drive down to Medford. We didn't make it to Portland during business hours so the salute was made from afar. God Bless Adam.

While Adam has certainly moved on, those of you that can make it during business hours, the site is 2537 and here is the directions to the cemetery.

Whose's this Adam fellow??? Well...

Last year the Nation Of Riflemen first heard of Adam, (and Walter), through Kim du Toit. Adam gave Kim some shooting tips during Boomershoot 2004. This led to Kim and the NOR to organize some care packages for Adam and Walter while in Iraq. This sponsorship of Adam and Walter was Kim's baby, but when the call came in for some real, (expensive) equipment the NOR came through, Night Force scopes and all.

Last month the sad news came that Adam was killed while deployed in Iraq.

Riverdog covered Adam's return to Fort Lewis and final trip to Willamette National Cemetery.