Fish Or Man

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Oregon Was Sweet

Visiting family was good too. Had some amazing weather in Medford. In Lakeview it only changed just as we were headed home. Wind actually was pushing us back north with 35-40 mph gusts. Taking our time we enjoyed the beauty around Abert Rim and Abert Lake with the cruise set at 50 mph. When I filled up with gas in John Day, 211 miles later, not even 4 gallons would fit in the tank, (OVER 50 miles to the gallon in a Ford Tempo). Oregon certainly didn't get enough tax off me for all the road damage I did between Lakeview and John Day. GPS this!

Anyway, with the weather turning poor we didn't see much wildlife out and about during the drive, minus the numerous cranes and swans, (and the billion or so deer). Sadly, we missed seeing antelope this year.