Fish Or Man

Thursday, March 31, 2005

LA police in the news again.
The city will pay about $70 million to settle lawsuits that alleged misconduct or brutality by corrupt police officers in an anti-gang unit, a newspaper reported Thursday.

Since the allegations surfaced more than five years ago, 214 lawsuits have been filed by mostly drug dealers, gang members and other criminals who said they had been framed, shot and beaten by officers in the Rampart division's anti-gang unit, according to the Los Angeles Times."

I feel much better because they were "mostly" drug dealers. Judged by the enlightened citizens these "assholes" deserved it.
Javier Francisco Ovando, a gang member who was shot by police and left paralyzed, received the largest settlement - $15 million. He had been sentenced to 23 years in prison after two officers testified he was armed when he was shot. His conviction was eventually overturned."

First convicted??? Nevermind, he's the only one convicted on the word of police. No??? Don't worry we can always fall back on "he was an asshole and deserved it". Now, when will officers be identified as "gang members"? They fit the definition and are more organized and better armed. Still our society begs for more police, for our safety from the "assholes." Safety which will never be delivery until every citizen is disarmed, right?

More you ask? This time not in Atlanta, we find another amazing police force in the news.
With guns drawn, officers ordered her out of the van with her hands up."

I take it when the gun manufacture sends their products to police agencies, they don't bother to include all those gun safety inserts. Or maybe police get their own inserts, "When confused, aim your firearm at woman with newborn in here arms."

Do you ever wonder how far this notion of "officer safety" will be pushed?

Update: Denny at GOC has more on the Atlanta courthouse shooting. Allegedly that is.