Fish Or Man

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Got Kids?

Budman8 reminds parents of the horrors of our revolving door justice system on child sex-offenders.

I fear the cry for security for our children will be answered by more failed government programs of rehabilatation and blah... I left a comment over there, finishing with this,
"The punishment should be applied to the crime they have already committed, not the one they might yet do, and it should NEVER be applied on the freedoms of the rest of our society. Govenment cannot provide security and still insure freedom."

I don't disagree that something should be done, but be very cautious of the answers. As in; Problem: School shootings. Government Answer: NO GUNS IN SCHOOL. How exactly does that stop those intent on shooting up a school full of citizens, which the law now leaves unarmed?

How about a law that requires sex-offenders to only pray on victims inside their own zip code? How do you enforce that one again?