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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Corruption At Every Level

Via Las Vegas Sun

Florida Deputies Charged In Clearing Cases

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) - Sheriff's deputies in Broward County have falsely classified dozens of cases as solved over the years to improve the department's crime-fighting statistics, prosecutors say.

Reminds me of when I listen to the police frequencies in most cities I have lived in, (Bellingham, WA being the most blantant). When police are dispatched to certain types of calls, police will immediately report back that they have arrived at the scene, meaning they just happened to be parked next to the scene or they are lying. They do this when the call is something which will likely never be looked into, such as "dog barking." Doing this drives down the response times that are louded proclaimed when the sheriff is running for re-elections. Whether or not the officers that do this are more likely for promotion, we can only guess. Now, if departments are looking for a larger budget, (or possible other political reasons), the practice can be stopped, which would send response times higher. Ok, back to Florida.

In some cases, deputies knowingly attributed crimes to people who did not or could not have committed them, according to documents released Monday.

Those people were never actually prosecuted for the crimes, and the real perpetrators were never found, the documents showed.

Most of the falsely cleared cases were property crimes, such as burglaries and thefts.

My guess is in Broward County "burglaries and thefts" are seen as Bellingham's dog barking calls. How nice!

The state attorney's office has charged two detectives with official misconduct. The officers have denied any wrongdoing. Several more deputies have been told they face criminal charges.

Sheriff Ken Jenne declined to comment on the allegations Tuesday.

In July, however, he acknowledged that deputies had improperly closed about 100 cases over a three-year period to improve the department's crime statistics. Last month, he announced the transfer of 29 detectives and sergeants and the retirements of four other top officials.

Transfers? Retirements? Notice, these are detectives and sergeants. Hey, Sheriff Jenne! When you promote this crap, don't be surprised when you are surrounded by criminals.

It's no wonder the leadership in the police forces are for disarming the citizens. When they continually abuse the power citizens give them, it's smarter to have those abused without arms.

Along these same lines, I was directed here by my mother, Duck Bites.

UPDATE: Another version of clearing cases news article, with many of the facts the AP version left out. 300 subpoenas, wow!