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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

No Need To Move?

Of course, we would still be under the omnipresent Federal government, but at least Seattle could continue to tax themselves into a more Socialist utopia without Eastern Washington complaints.

Bill for 51st state in Wash. gets hearing

County commissioners from Okanogan and Spokane counties testified on Tuesday in support of a measure that would create a new state in eastern Washington.
The measure was sponsored by Seventh District Senator Bob Morton. It asks President Bush to create a new state east of the Cascades.

Chances? Zilch. Sigh...

Thursday, February 17, 2005

My White Glove STILL Shows Dust!

Ok, sorry... slow postings... court cases in a standstill and nothing driving me up a wall... until I read this today.

Angry father shot after attacking social worker with machete

Just seeing the headline, I smiled! A case of self defense? YES! But who was acting in self defense??? Story via NCBI:

After attacking a CPS worker with a machete, a Ferry County man was fatally shot Wednesday.

The assault is sending a ripple of shock through the Department of Social and Health Services.

The Ferry County Sheriff's Department says Deputy Carroll Sharp Jr. escorted two caseworkers to a home on Bardwell Loop in Curlew, where three children were living with no electricity or running water.

Ferry County Sheriff Pete Warner said, "CPS had told this family that if they didn't clean the house up to make it an acceptable living residence for the children, then they would be removing the children from the house."

So, it wasn't so bad as to warrant immediate removal of the children... just not up to the HIGH standards that CPS holds THEIR children to. (That and they make money for every child they steal from parents). Just what exactly makes an "acceptable living residence," we are never told. Although, I'm sure the story of how "unacceptable" this house was will get worse and worse as this story gets repeated. Remember this though: it wasn't bad enough for removal of the children, only a warning to the parents that some nanny felt was unacceptable. (And the fact that the father tried to kill a social worker will also be used as a reason why the residence was, "unacceptable.")

So, nannies threaten to steal your children from you... how would you react? Were the children starving? Freezing to death? Was the house dirty? What "standards" weren't met? No running water? No electricity? CPS F#$# OFF and DIE. I've been to Curlew. Just a guess but probably 30% of the population has no "running water" or electricity, (and some prefer it that way). Besides, my wife spent many years of her childhood in a house without "running water" or electricity. Part of the time was living in a damn teepee. You money grabbing nanny fukwits.

Oh, and anyone thinking of siding with Child Protective Services on this one? If so, pick up the phone and invite them to come to your house to do a "welfare check." It's a rather simple procedure. You see they show up unannounced at anytime of the day or night and "check" on the safety and well being of the children. Standards? Well, whatever the case worker on the scene says about your household is pretty much carved in stone. Other then that, few standards exist. Any guns = bye bye family. Child playing with sharp objects = get a lawyer. Foundation cracked, leaky roof = very questionable. These case workers have the power to remove your child from your home immediately. But YOU have nothing to worry about, right? Go ahead, make that phone call.

Back to the story... now titled: Father Murdered Defending His Family

According to police, the father – 35-year-old Bryan Russell – forced one of the caseworkers to the ground assaulting her with a 2x4, then a machete.

That's when the deputy shot and killed him.

The 55-year-old caseworker, whose name was not released, was airlifted to a hospital in Spokane with a possible skull fracture, cuts on her face, arms, and hands, and a broken arm and wrist. She was admitted to Deaconess Medical Center in Spokane for a CAT scan.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Jim Hays said, "Looks like the sheriff's deputy did a good job. Obviously his actions saved the CPS worker from additional serious injury, possibly death."

Yes, State Patrol does a wonderful job of "investigating" other police departments. Did they take into consideration that the father may have been acting in defense of his family? Or was he just a crazy man trying to kill another human being that had done nothing to harm him, (in which case, good thing he is dead, cause it could have been you or me next)?

Hays said, Russell had a lengthy criminal record of assault and drug charges, and CPS staff had visited him at least once before.

There IT is; "Lengthy criminal record." Hell, I've recently personally witnessed what it takes to get that. And it means jack when it comes to providing a home for your children. As for the drug charges, police don't include what kind of drug... that leaves it to be Mary freaking Jane. If it was anything else, they would be loudedly proclaiming the drug, "Cocaine, ect..." And I noticed those were only charges as well.... causing a further.... hmmmmmmmm???

Hays said, the children, aged 1, 3 and 5, witnessed the attack and the shooting, as did their mother. The children were taken into state custody, and according to Hayes, the mother was not injured.

CPS chanting... three more children... YEAH! We getting paid tonight! (Sort of surprised it didn't happen towards the end of the month, you know, like they were filling their quota.)

Great job CPS! "Saved" three more. And now lets moveon to the awards show for the injuried social worker...

UPDATE: The awards have already begun. Slightly different version here: Large knife or machete, which sounds worse? And we hear the queen bitch of King county has started the awards with this:
Gov. Christine Gregoire, in a prepared statement, said, "On behalf of all state workers, I pray for a speedy recovery of the social worker who was attacked this morning. I understand she is a dedicated public servant who has worked hard to protect our state's vulnerable children.
"This incident reminds us all of the dangers that many state workers face every day as they put their lives on the line to protect and serve Washington citizens."

"our state's vulnerable children." "Vulnerable" because citizen's can't be trusted to raise, school, or house their own children. But the state's foster care program turns out such fine examples of human beings.... WRONG BITCH! The studies they would never do and would never release if they did would show foster care children with increased drug use, suicide, and violent crime, well above the average children from even the "dirtiest" of homes.

Slight reminder for those Washington state social workers looking to "save a child." In 1993 a 13 year old girl was living on the streets of Spokane. She wasn't hiding, she was a drug addict working as a prostitute! SHE NEEDED HELP. Where were you? She was murdered before she got your help. (Oops, nevermind. I just found out you had already been working with 13 year old Rebecca Hedman. Surprise, surprise.)

UPDATE TWO: News story here, and here. We find the family was living inside of two old school buses. Oh the horror of it all. School bus? Throw in a stove... still better then when my wife lived in teepee as a child. And from a source who lives near the scene we find this. Where the local said this about the family: "The reports indicate some serious problems with the family." He doesn't explain what "serious problems" there were with this family... guess the whole "lengthy criminal record" part did what it was intented to do, unless he knows more then he is telling. I'll see what he has to say.

UPDATE THREE: More from the local source who appears to go by Bob: (Updated: the following has already been removed? Has someone been pressured?)
OK Well I am hearing more and more on this subject including a late night phone call from the closest neighbor of the man who was shot by Deputy Sharp...right next door who reminded me that there were literally dozens of us living without water or electricity back in the late 1980's and early 1990's. All of the families I knew personally were concerned about a certain CPS worker by the name of Brice, who no longer works for CPS. Ms Brice routinely harassed families with children who were attempting to build their own wilderness cabins. There was this prevailing notion that folks who lived in the hills and mountains were somehow substandard socially. Now in our case, we were NOT socially substandard, but we did at times come under the watchful eyes of CPS. There is no way one could convince CPS workers that there were alternatives to living without running water, using an outhouse and using alternative means of electricity was ok.
As I had mentioned earlier, it was my impression that things worked out quite differently for us because we had some visible means of support and the intelligence to carry on through the tough times, but as idealization works in many heads, I knew that if CPS came up and ever tried to take our kids away, they would not have done it without a court fight. Perhaps that very thought was going on in Bryan Russells mind when CPS came and woke them at 8am on Wednesday. I don't know the thoughts and I wasn't there but I have now hear indirectly from a close family friend and neighbor who told me that CPS was "always bugging them" but most of the papers on Thursday left out some parts. I cannot say if they are facts or not. I heard things like Bryan had several taser marks on his body. I heard other possible scenarios. I heard that the young surviving woman will have to go to court today to try and get her children back. Most interestingly I heard that the family was building a house on the property. So it appears that many of the stories from the other side of the issue will come out and newspapers will not print them because they are old news. Well heck....It may not be old news to me, so if you have any stories to tell about living in the woods without electricity and running water, then by all means write me and talk on the record.
Lastly I heard a story about Russels wood stove having no safety around it for the kids to stay away. Well I can say we had the same situation and so did many a pioneer family. People learned to live in the environment they created. None of my kids were ever burned by the stove and I am talking 6 kids in a small space. The only one that was burned was me in 4 1/2 years and I sought Dr Del Throntons attention...and ironically, the Malo Store at that time had a very similar stove right next to the front door. It was always a source of concern for Pete Warner who owned and operated the store. At that time there we dozens of kids waiting inside the store in the harsh winter waiting for the school bus. It wasn't until Pete had a chimney fire that he finally switch to a cooler burning pellet stove.

Friday, February 11, 2005

You Got Game?

Bush said, you are either with us, or against us. North Korea's President Kim Jong II looks to have made his decision.

This should give Condi a nice warm up. And China will be closely watching how this situation is handled.

Warning to Webmasters

Is your U.S. based website legal... in France?

For failing to take down the offensive items, French courts began levying fines on Yahoo of more than $13,000 per day starting in February 2001. Yahoo theoretically owes more than $5 million today.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Recyling Enforcement Officer?

Seattle Mandatory Recyling Law In Effect

Garbage hauler Frank Treto quickly spots enough junk mail and cardboard to warrant whipping out a bright yellow warning tag, one of hundreds he's doled out since the city's mandatory recycling law took effect this year.

So far, no one's given him any grief. "Not yet," he said. "I'm looking forward to that. I'm going to see if I can get a bulletproof vest."

Great! A man that admits to knowing the risk he is willing to take for the garbage of recycling. I think he should get that bullet proof vest, dress in black, and carry a gun, (because that is exactly where government gets their power, the point of a gun). With these kind of laws being enforced on us, maybe the citizens should be the ones issued bulletproof vests.

"Seventy percent of the population is going to walk across a bed of hot coals to recycle a bottle. They just do that. They believe in it," said George Dreckmann.

They believe in it, much like a religion. Except the religion of recycling has been proven to do more damage to the environment then good. Resources used in recycling processes cause their own damage and cost society more money, (yeah that's right, the resource of money... oh, wait, it comes from the taxpayers, so it is limitless).

By the way George, that glass bottle is made from sand! Yeah, they must just believe in it. If citizens used their brain they wouldn't waste resources recycling SAND! Our public education system has met it's goal. Now no one waits for the gun to be pointed at them, they simply follow whatever they are told without thought.

For more on the damage done by government sponsored recycling programs, head over to the National Anxiety Center, (where the good news is.... the bad news is wrong). There Alan Caruba wrote about recycling in the his Jan. 16th, 2003 journal, titled "The Utter Waste of Recycling." Article also located at Intellectual Conservative.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Corruption At Every Level

Via Las Vegas Sun

Florida Deputies Charged In Clearing Cases

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) - Sheriff's deputies in Broward County have falsely classified dozens of cases as solved over the years to improve the department's crime-fighting statistics, prosecutors say.

Reminds me of when I listen to the police frequencies in most cities I have lived in, (Bellingham, WA being the most blantant). When police are dispatched to certain types of calls, police will immediately report back that they have arrived at the scene, meaning they just happened to be parked next to the scene or they are lying. They do this when the call is something which will likely never be looked into, such as "dog barking." Doing this drives down the response times that are louded proclaimed when the sheriff is running for re-elections. Whether or not the officers that do this are more likely for promotion, we can only guess. Now, if departments are looking for a larger budget, (or possible other political reasons), the practice can be stopped, which would send response times higher. Ok, back to Florida.

In some cases, deputies knowingly attributed crimes to people who did not or could not have committed them, according to documents released Monday.

Those people were never actually prosecuted for the crimes, and the real perpetrators were never found, the documents showed.

Most of the falsely cleared cases were property crimes, such as burglaries and thefts.

My guess is in Broward County "burglaries and thefts" are seen as Bellingham's dog barking calls. How nice!

The state attorney's office has charged two detectives with official misconduct. The officers have denied any wrongdoing. Several more deputies have been told they face criminal charges.

Sheriff Ken Jenne declined to comment on the allegations Tuesday.

In July, however, he acknowledged that deputies had improperly closed about 100 cases over a three-year period to improve the department's crime statistics. Last month, he announced the transfer of 29 detectives and sergeants and the retirements of four other top officials.

Transfers? Retirements? Notice, these are detectives and sergeants. Hey, Sheriff Jenne! When you promote this crap, don't be surprised when you are surrounded by criminals.

It's no wonder the leadership in the police forces are for disarming the citizens. When they continually abuse the power citizens give them, it's smarter to have those abused without arms.

Along these same lines, I was directed here by my mother, Duck Bites.

UPDATE: Another version of clearing cases news article, with many of the facts the AP version left out. 300 subpoenas, wow!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Ummmmm... What do we do?

"...after he banged repeatedly on a security window of a first floor cell Monday night..."

Let's light him up, (again)!

Another version here.

And where is Jeffrey Turner's criminal history that police just love to report? Then we will all understand that he deserved to die. And maybe it's just me, but the reasons for arrest look suspect, "He had been shocked five times while being arrested on charges of loitering, resisting arrest and obstructing official business," He was arrested for resisting arrest? Well, I might be inclined to resist that too, (on secondhand...)

Anyone wanna bet everything gets ruled "justified"?

Sidenote to be remembered; when standing up for your rights, don't actually stand up. Do also note that this man had an "attitude," so in order to ease your mind we will file it away... far, far away. Next.

UPDATE 2/10/04: That didn't take long. Here's our next: Man Dies After Chicago Police Use Stun Gun Story also found here. Plus, this story on possible taser damage.