Fish Or Man

Friday, January 21, 2005


Anything to report? Well, we would like to say that all is going well... and being an optimist/idealist, Jason says everything is going great, (we pay someone else to assume the worst). Today Jason made a quick drive to Spokane for the pretrail on those charges, (reckless driving/loaded gun in a car).

The prosecutor was open for a plea deal, but hadn't looked into the case very much. He started reading the police report and found that Jason had the outstanding warrant, so he changed his mind on making any deals until looking into the case further. Lawyer filed and was granted a motion for continuous on grounds discovery and negotiation is not finished. Next Spokane court date set is Feb. 28th., 9 am.

After the hearing Jason drove out with the investigator to take pictures at the scene and tell him a play-by-play of the police stop.

As for the City of Ellensburg's attempt to be the first in Washington State to convict a citizen for peacefully open carrying a handgun, we are waiting until Feb. 3rd to see how that goes. Jason is suppose to call the city prosecutor on Jan. 24th and see what deal, if any, they would be willing to make.